Tips to Optimize Blog for Mobile Readers

May 28, 2012

tips to optimize blog for mobile readers

The advancement of mobile technology has allowed people to read news, watch TV, and listen to their favorite music on the go. Even browsing and writing blog posts is now possible through mobile devices such as cellular phones, organizers, and mini laptops. Blogs for business are also cashing in on the trend. Because of this, many bloggers are looking for practical ways to make blogs mobile friendly. Here are some tips to optimize blog for mobile readers.

One thing you can do is to download plug-ins to help make blogs mobile friendly. If you are running on a WordPress platform, there are at least six plug-ins you can try. One is WordPress Mobile Edition. This allows your blog to detect mobile visitors and automatically direct them to the mobile edition of your blog.

You can also create and manage a mobile version of your blog through If you install the plug-in to your WordPress site or blog, that will direct mobile visitors to a valid mobile url. With this service, your blog will have mobile versions compatible with more than 5,000 browsing devices. For blogs for business, that translates to more clients being able to view your blogs.

Meanwhile, the MobilePress plug-in will allow you to choose themes for various mobile browsers such as Opera Mini and Windows Mobile. This can make blogs mobile friendly.

Another service to optimize blog for mobile readers is Wetomo, or short for Web to Mobile. With this plug-in installed, your mobile viewers will be directed to Wetomo, which displays your content to a level that is compatible with the browsing device.

If your readers are using an iPhone or a mini laptop, they are unlikely to encounter difficulties viewing your blog. However, if other models of 3G-enabled cellular phones browse it, they might have problems. To prevent this, you can go to and create a mobile-friendly version of your blog.

Be sure to check out W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative online. These are a set of guidelines you need to follow to make your content accessible for mobile viewers and optimize blog for mobile readers.

Make your titles short but attractive. Most mobile devices also show headlines of blog posts instead of the whole post. Users will then select what to read based on the titles. You can also apply basic SEO practices so your blog will appear when users try to find it through mobile search engines. Blogs for business can use titles like “Want Tasty, Affordable Roast Chicken” to attract clients.

Lastly, check your url. You might want to change it to something short and simple so your mobile viewers can easily type it. That’s a simple but effective way to optimize blog for mobile readers. Some blog addresses are too long, they become a hassle to readers. If it’s inconvenient, they might shun from visiting your site while on the go.

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