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writing tips

Let’s admit it: while blog writing is a good outlet for our emotions and everyday frustrations, it always helps when we know that people are reading our posts. Make that “people care about our posts and about us.” In the case of blogs for business, we need feedback to know what products are good and [...]


tips to see more reader feedback

When you build a blog for your business in the hopes of promoting your products and improving your sales, there would have been a point when you were starting out when you felt as if you were only talking to yourself. Of course, this is understandable as you have just launched your blog. But after [...]


tips to optimize blog for mobile readers

The advancement of mobile technology has allowed people to read news, watch TV, and listen to their favorite music on the go. Even browsing and writing blog posts is now possible through mobile devices such as cellular phones, organizers, and mini laptops. Blogs for business are also cashing in on the trend. Because of this, [...]