Podcasts: Sure Way To Increase Blog Traffic

May 11, 2012

podcasts: sure way to increase blog traffic

If there is a sure way to increase blog traffic today, that would be podcasts. If you want visitors to be flocking to your blog, you better start learning about podcasting now. It will surely amaze you. What makes it sweeter is that your blog readers will love you more for it.

In the case of blogs for business, podcasts can be an effective marketing tool. You can use this to keep your readers updated on your latest products and services.

First off, let’s demystify podcasts. Podcasting is simply the automatic delivery of audio or video content to subscribers of that specific podcast. The content, usually in MP3 format is automatically synchronized with a subscriber’s MP3 player. The word was derived from iPod, Apple Inc’s infamous media player, and broadcast. Apple, however, did not invent the word.

Subscribers of podcasts are able to listen or watch to radio or TV style broadcasting about the topic they want, when they want to. They also don’t have to deal with the downloading because that is automatically done for them by software known as “podcatchers” or pod aggregators. Notice those orange RSS feed icons? Posting that icon in your blog means your offer podcasting.

Podcasting is an ideal way to create a following on the Internet and a way to increase blog traffic. You can make your own podcasts and upload those on your blog. It’s just like creating a video content on YouTube. To do this, you must select a topic of your choice. Elaborate on that topic. You can add songs to make it more exciting. Upload that podcast on your blog through a separate software. Your subscribers will then automatically “catch” your podcast through their podcatchers.

Blogs for business can contain podcasts about certain products. If it’s a new shoe model out, make a podcast about it. If it’s a new dish in your menu, make a podcast about it.

The good thing about podcasting is that you make is easier for your readers/listeners/viewers to access your posts. But does that now reduce traffic on your website? That depends on how you do it. It’s either you use it to way to increase blog traffic or you lessen your visitors because you “visit” them instead. Here’s a trick: Your podcasts should serve as teasers. Don’t give out everything. Make sure your podcast will make them check out your site. Tell them that if they want more, all they need to do is visit your blog. Ask them to leave comments, which by the way, can also get traffic on your blog. For example, if your podcast reviewed a desert from a little known resto, tell your subscribers that they will find more content in your blog.

Podcasting can work wonders for you and for blogs for business. Not only is it a way to increase blog traffic, it is also a good way of expressing yourself and market products and services. Start podcasts on your blogs for business today.

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