How to Generate Blog Buzz with Social Media

March 3, 2011

The most successful bloggers have learned to utilize social media as a powerful tool for their blogs to gain more exposure. The use of social media has gone beyond expanding online presence. More than the aim to get traffic to your blog, social media is also used to build a community to bring you closer to your target audience.

Understand social media sites.
Social media used to be frowned upon for promoting narcissism but much has changed since then. Social media sites are now valued for being powerful marketing tools. Social media platforms vary so you have to learn how to customize your message according to the dynamics of each one. For instance, the writing style you use on Facebook is not necessarily applicable to Twitter or Tumblr. Research on how social media sites differ from each other. Observe how more experienced users treat them.

Share interesting links.
You can not just sign up for any social media platform and go on posting links to your blog. It is called a community because people interact with each other about topics that interest them. If you joined a social media service with the sole objective of broadcasting yourself, people would lose interest and ignore everything you post altogether.
You can post links directing to your blog but do it sparingly. When you come across interesting web finds you think your target audience would be interested in, post them on social media sites. Eventually, people will see that you are not just out to get blog traffic and would have no second thoughts clicking on links you post.

Participate in discussions.
The best way to get people to notice you is to post comments and reply to posts. Be sincere. When you find a link or a comment someone posted interesting, share your thoughts about it. Ask questions and you might even start a discussion. If people see that you are an authority on a certain topic, they will be enticed to know more about what you have to say. Participating in discussions is sure to get traffic on your blog.

Use Twitter and StumbleUpon.
The main focus of your social media marketing strategies might be on the bigger social media sites like Facebook. However, do not underestimate what Twitter and StumbleUpon can do for your blog. Both are places to hold conversations and share ideas and links with others. Use them wisely in building a quality network of your own.
StumbleUpon encourages link-sharing between networks but it is not competitive or dependent on user votes. You just have to sign up, build a profile, and download a toolbar to be able to give site reviews and ratings. In time, you can encourage your friends to recommend your site and get blog traffic in the process.
On Twitter, follow people or businesses related to your niche. Over a period of time, you will find that people will start following your tweets and you get traffic on your blog. Post your own links and interesting links you find on the web at intervals. The Re-Tweet feature allows your followers to re-post your links that they think are worth sharing.

Be creative and imaginative.
Use multi-media when possible. Nowadays, product photos and video tutorials rank very high in searches made everyday. Also, learn how to merge online and offline advertising effectively and find ways on how get traffic on your blog without using hard-sell methods. For instance, always add your URL in forum signatures and social media profiles.
Avoid spamming but instead, post funny, interesting, or inspiring status messages. Learn how to maintain an authoritative yet approachable online personality.

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