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June 19, 2011

Did you know that you can actually get traffic on your blog or website just by commenting? Thought somebody else’s post was fun to read? Comment on it. Found your friend’s post very depressing? Sympathize with a sad face. You don’t know where that simple comment will take you. One thing you can expect is that you will get traffic to your blog through these tiny reactions. Here’s why you should start commenting today.

How does this happen? The specifics change depending on what blog host or social media you are using but the basic principle is the same: If you comment on something, the link to your blog will appear on that page and that will give other readers an opportunity to check out your blog.

Let’s take the case of Facebook. One of your contacts posts a new note on her wall. Say that note says something about the recent climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. However, you are interested in climate change or anything related to Al Gore. After all, your business is about DVD rentals. Problem with some bloggers is that they want people to read their blog but they do not comment on other people’s posts. And how do you show another blogger – without having to tell him or her directly – that you are reading his or her blog? Comment on that person’s posts!

In the case of that Facebook note, even if you are not interested in that mundane topic, you can still post comments like “really reminds of 2012 movie, now out btw.” “Watch al gore in documentary ‘inconvenient truth.” That way, you make it known that you read the post. At the same time, you comment is related to your business. That’s a simple but effective trick for blogs for business. What’s important is that you make your comment interesting. If your comment is interesting enough, more people will reply to it. Better yet, they may click your link and read more about that “interesting” person.

Another reminder is that you should always make your comments related to the post. Blog writing is often seen by many as an outlet for their feelings, by others as a marketing tool. Say a friend blogged about the death of her puppy. That’s probably not a big deal to you. In this case, you can write a general but thoughtful comment like “things really happen for a reason.” That will likely attract the attention of other readers. They may click your link to see who wrote it. Instant traffic. Again, in the case of the DVD rentals blog, you can write “see Marley and Me DVD.”

One more thing you can do to get traffic on your blog through comments is posting an arguable statement. For example, a blogger posted an entry about “Titanic” being the most romantic film ever. Contradict that with a polite yet definitive “’Titanic’ is huge but ‘Ghost’ is untouchable.”

So, if you want to get traffic on your blog, starting commenting today. Who cares if people think you have too much to say. That’s why there’s blog writing anyway. Blogs for business are not exemption. The more you comment, the better your marketing goes.

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Peter April 7, 2010 at 4:29 am

Yeah.. Although I’ve heard google does not index blog comments any more, they’re still a great tool to get traffic. It’s not always about techniques or tools or whatever. It’s more about human interaction (that’s what blogs are all about, nah?). Like there’s this Photoshop Disasters blog that I read primarily for comments! Yes, the pics are fun, but people are more fun! Or take comments at Bloomberg… They are articles in their own right!


admin April 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Thank you for your comment, Peter.
There’s another “technique” that can really improve popularity of the blog and keep more regular visitors – that is replying to every single comment left on your blog :-) We’ll think about writing a blog post on this.


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