Earn Money by Blogging – Is It Really Possible?

July 16, 2012

earn money by blogging

More bloggers are emerging everyday, inspired with success stories of bloggers who hit the big time and equipped with resources offering tips and guidelines they got from blogging gurus. Beginners start out hoping to see similar success in making money online. The question often faced by the typical blogger is whether or not it is really possible to earn by writing blogs and what are the most effective ways on how to do this.

Yes, there have been successful personalities on the Internet who are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a tear in online revenues. Some of them have done so with blogging and online advertising. Basically, anyone can do the same but not everyone does. You have to understand the very nature of blogging and study the methods with how you can earn and you might just be the next blogging hotshot.

To earn by writing blogs, you must be willing to invest time and effort to doing what needs to be done and are interested in learning new things everyday. Even the richest bloggers of today have experienced problems and setbacks. The business requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, constant research, some talent, and a little bit of luck. If you think you fit these qualifications, you just might succeed in the world of blogging.

People can make money through blogging but the process, given that you are taking the right steps and following the right advice, takes time. For this reason alone, it is not recommended thought that you make blogging your sole source of income.

There are three ways with which bloggers can earn. The first one is through direct advertising with Google AdSense and marketing affiliates. This is the method of choice for beginners who have not established their online reputation yet. Earnings are slow for these methods so you have to learn how to master them and apply them with skill.

The second way is to earn by writing blogs. You can do freelance writing for blogging networks or you can start a blog and sell it. This is a trend growing in popularity nowadays. To be able to do freelance blogging, you need a website or some sample works to show potential clients that you can deliver according to their requirements. Looking for freelance sites and SEO communities can be a challenge in itself but once you find the service for you, work hard.

The third method is only applicable to people who have established their reputation in the blogging community. Once you are a respected blogger who has built a strong following, you can use your blogging fame to sell or promote products and even win lucrative projects like book writing or speaking gigs.

There might come a day when you can honestly day that you consistently earn by writing blog. Good for you. But so long as you are not, keep your day job.

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