Guest Blogging – A Cost-Efficient Way to Get Content

April 16, 2012

cost efficient way to get content

Guest blogging is now a widespread practice in the blogging community. It offers benefits for both the blog owner and the guest blogger. A blogger posting a guest post on another blog gains wider exposure, which can help him get blog traffic. For the blog owner, it is a cost-efficient way to keep his blog updated for free. Take a look at the following ways on how you can get other people to add content to your blog.

For starters, let your readers know that you are open to guest blogging. Invite people outright to write content for your blog. Make it clear that you allow them to post backlinks to their own site. This will work better if your blog has already established a strong following. Guest bloggers will be jumping at the chance to post as a guest blogger if they see the potential to get blog traffic with your blog readership.

If your blog is just starting out, offer benefits such as a dedicated page for guest bloggers. You can also put a special section on the home page that contains links to the blogs of guest bloggers. Be creative and resourceful, you can even ask your guest bloggers to furnish you with a photo and a bio to be posted on your site if they post content for you.

Of course, you have to screen your would-be guest bloggers for the benefit of your readers. You only want outsource original content with good quality so your credibility isn’t harmed. Maintain guest bloggers who always submit according to your posting schedule. This way, you ensure that your followers have access only to fresh and informative blog articles.

Be active in various blogging communities to get to know other bloggers, the topics they are experts on, and their writing styles. Some communities have forums with threads dedicated to calls for guest bloggers. Introduce yourself and give a brief summary as to what your blog is about then post an invitation for those interested to write for your blog. State that they will be allowed a byline and a back link as a token of your gratitude.

If you are in the habit of visiting blogs on a regular basis, note which bloggers are willing to post for other people even if you do not need guest bloggers yet. In case a time comes when you run out of blog ideas, contact these bloggers directly and make a detailed proposal. If you succeed in getting a prominent blogger to write guest posts for you, you will be able to get blog traffic from more credible sources.

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