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tips to optimize blog for mobile readers

The advancement of mobile technology has allowed people to read news, watch TV, and listen to their favorite music on the go. Even browsing and writing blog posts is now possible through mobile devices such as cellular phones, organizers, and mini laptops. Blogs for business are also cashing in on the trend. Because of this, [...]



It is understandable that you want to make your blog more interesting by adding as many widgets, photos, and videos as you would like. However, overdoing it may in fact cause you to lose visitors and potential customers. Too much multimedia and unnecessary page elements can slow down the loading time of your web pages. [...]


Copyscape search.

Bloggers have many times decried the unpermitted duplication or copying of their original content by other authors online. The Internet is so vast and volatile that even though anti-plagiarism laws have been around for centuries, the rights of online writers and website owners remain unsecured. With the development of Copyscape, bloggers and online writers have [...]


Design template...

Posting quality content on your blog should always be a top priority but this doesn’t mean that choosing the right blog template should not be given proper attention. Layouts also play an essential part in the success of blogs for business. You may get traffic on your blog but lose visitors as fast as they [...]


Action plan to start a blog.

You have learned about the benefits a blog can do for your business and read about the basic concepts that make blogs for business successful. Chances are, hundreds of other people know about these concepts as well but why is there only a handful of successful blogs around? The answer is because not all of [...]


12 Excellent WordPress Plug-Ins

Wordpress plugins

September 10, 2011

Plugins enable additional features for WordPress blogs for business. There are so many of them available to help you maximize your readership and get traffic on your blog. Do not be tempted, however, to add too many plug-ins that you compromise the loading time of your pages and risk losing visitors and conversions. Study the [...]


WordPress is the ideal choice for many bloggers for its usability and features. Content management is made easier for WordPress users, who are given  access to various tools to continuously improve and monetize their blogs for business. The highly popular blogging platform can be used for free or you can get a your  own domain, [...]