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10 ways to gain long term blog-traffic

People managing business blogs aim to get as much traffic to their sites as possible to increase chances of winning conversions and boosting online revenues. By creating a high quality site, you can just as easily convert incoming visitors into loyal blog subscribers. So what strategies should you apply to get traffic on your blog [...]


establish connections with other blogs

The blogosphere is a continuously growing space on its own. It is free for all and discriminates no one. Compared to the mere management of a website, blogging revolves around two-way relationships between blogger and reader as well as between fellow blog writers. A lot of people have learned to maintain positive relationships with bloggers [...]


Opt-in offer.

Have you ever visited a website or a blog that you found interesting and you agreed to sign up for a free eBook or newsletter the site is offering? This sign-up feature often found in blogs today is called the opt-in feature. Usually you would have to type in your name and email address to [...]