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March 2012

5 ways to find your unique blogging personality

As we often mention how blogging is about fostering an atmosphere wherein blogger and readers can openly communicate thoughts and ideas, it is important that blog owners establish a unique online personality, with whom readers can better identify with. Once you start to steadily get traffic on your blog, your goal should be to keep [...]


10 ways to gain long term blog-traffic

People managing business blogs aim to get as much traffic to their sites as possible to increase chances of winning conversions and boosting online revenues. By creating a high quality site, you can just as easily convert incoming visitors into loyal blog subscribers. So what strategies should you apply to get traffic on your blog [...]


avoid hard-selling pitch in your blog

Upon arriving on your business blog, the typical Internet user, whether he is looking for a product or simply chanced upon your link, will take in your blog’s layout and then maybe scan your content briefly. Given the vast amount of information available online, readers are quick to disregard content the moment they notice that [...]