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December 2011


It is understandable that you want to make your blog more interesting by adding as many widgets, photos, and videos as you would like. However, overdoing it may in fact cause you to lose visitors and potential customers. Too much multimedia and unnecessary page elements can slow down the loading time of your web pages. [...]


How long should a blog post be?

For many experienced bloggers, writing an entry usually follows a process. For each one, the steps may be differ depending on the person’s personality and the coverage of his topics but for everyone, especially the serious bloggers who produce content with their own sweat and blood, it is normal to feel anxious, excited, curious, and [...]


Copyscape search.

Bloggers have many times decried the unpermitted duplication or copying of their original content by other authors online. The Internet is so vast and volatile that even though anti-plagiarism laws have been around for centuries, the rights of online writers and website owners remain unsecured. With the development of Copyscape, bloggers and online writers have [...]