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November 2011


The Importance of Proper Grammar in Blogging Anyone can blog but not everyone is well-versed in language, grammar, and word usage. That’s a fact. The good news is, anyone can learn the basics if he is willing and determined enough. Not all of us are English majors; even native English speakers experience spelling, grammar, and [...]


What is a Blog?

November 17, 2011

Blogger logo

We’ve been talking about all the different aspects of blogging. Let’s get back to basics and remember, what is a blog and what’s it all about. The term “blog” was derived from the word weblog, which was used to define websites that provide a continuous stream of content. Over the years, blogs have evolved from [...]


Guest blogger

You’ve got nothing to lose by taking the opportunity to do guest-post on other blogs or inviting other bloggers to post as guests on your own. If done correctly, guest posting is an effective way to promote your blog and your business. To make guest posting work for you, you need to have shown that [...]


Opt-in offer.

Have you ever visited a website or a blog that you found interesting and you agreed to sign up for a free eBook or newsletter the site is offering? This sign-up feature often found in blogs today is called the opt-in feature. Usually you would have to type in your name and email address to [...]