10 Ways to Gain Long-Term Blog Traffic

March 19, 2012

10 ways to gain long term blog-traffic

People managing business blogs aim to get as much traffic to their sites as possible to increase chances of winning conversions and boosting online revenues. By creating a high quality site, you can just as easily convert incoming visitors into loyal blog subscribers. So what strategies should you apply to get traffic on your blog and gain a loyal following?

1.  One of the simplest yet most effective steps to drive more traffic to your site and encourage visitors to subsribe to your blog is obviously to make subscription options like RSS feeds highly visible. If possible, display these options right after each of your blog posts.

2.  It is always good to offer “extras” to potential clients in the form of reports, online training courses, audio tutorials, and other materials. The promise of free gifts are often used by blogs for business. No one passes up the chance to get something for free. The Feedvertising plugin by WordPress can help you with this. Once you succeed in baiting your target market into visitinbg your blog because of your free offer, you are given a few seconds to show them what your blog is made of. Don’t waste that chance by;

3.  Sticking to a specific topic or set of related topics to build your brand and establish your authority. Once in a while, assess your statistics and evaluate whether your niche offers good opportunities online. To get traffic on your blog and gain loyal subscribers, post quality content that is useful and informative to your targeted readers.

4.  Create a subscription landing page solely dedicated to encourage sign ups and collect subscriptions; to which you will drive traffic from your blog site. This type of strategy can be done with AdWords. You can come use an entirely separate URL for your landing page.

5.  Post as a guest blogger in other blogs. This is an effective way to get traffic to your blog and build your online reputation as a person of authority in your niche. By coordinating with other bloggers (and many of them welcome guest bloggers for it is also beneficiak to them), you can widen your readership to include the communities thriving in other blogs related to yours. Of course, become a guest blogger only if you are allowed a byline and a backlink. Also, make sure you post original content on another person’s blog and not just rehash something right out of your blog.

6.  Forum posting can also help to get traffic on your blog. Participate in discussions sincerely and enthusiastically. Share what you know and thank those from whom you learned something new. Build functional online relationships and eventually, people will take notice of you and would want to visit your blog to hear what you have to say.

7.  Build a network with other bloggers and your readers. Sign up for social media sites to promote your blog and become an active member of a blogging community. Start business relationships and friendships in the blogosphere and multiply the number of your blog subscribers. It won’t happen overnight but what’s important is you are genuinely interested in communicating with other people – because that’s what blogging is all about.

8. Podcasts are among the latest trends in promotional blogging today. Prepare content specifically designed for this channel. It would be better if you feature interesting podcasts related to your product or niche. Highlight what benefits your readers will gain by subscribing to your blog.

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